I am Amos Tibaldi, one software Engineer of norhern Italy, that has had, during his first 42 years of life, excellent ideas like those here in my website

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./ 2020-03-26_D archive, the latest version by Amos Tibaldi.
./ 2020-03-23_A archive, created by Amos Tibaldi and full of my scientific material, my new formulas and my techniques and my results! You'd better to download it!
Amos Tibaldi, Via Strada Rizza, 28, c.a.p. 42046, Reggiolo (RE); Italia.
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telephone number: 0522975302
cellphone number: 3405594804 my university experience
I miei genitori: Mario Tibaldi e Maria Luisa Benassi
Mia mamma Maria Luisa Benassi